Monday, 25 July 2016

Quest 4.2 Step One

Changing the world is easier said than done, so I figure it's probably a good to make a list of the steps that I need to do to start busking and make some money to save some little critters.

1. Learn about where to buy a permit to busk.
2. Buy that permit.
3. Get some ideas of what songs that I should play.
4. Practice those songs.
5. Practice those songs.
6. Practice those songs.
7. Go out and busk.
8. Make some money
9. Have fun.

 Chances are that I will not be able to complete these in this exact order, but I suppose what matters is that I get stuff done. The first couple steps that I will need to take are practicing the violin (which I will have to do many, many times and which I have already started to do) and learning about where and how to get my busking permit. The first MAJOR step that I will have to take is buying the permit which I will do the second week of August. To make this possible, I will just need one thing and that is my mom to drive me to City Hall where I can buy the permit. For the next two weeks, my plan will be to practice a lot and bring my songs to near perfection. For the last week of August, (if everything goes according to plan) I will be able to go out and busk! Yay! 

Thank you guys for reading this blog post and I hope that you are enjoying your summer so far. 

See you next time,
The Brainy Bovine 

Monday, 4 July 2016

My Epic Win (details) Quest 3.6

Hey guys! Today, I will be covering a couple details for my Epic Win. The reason that I did not decide to fully cover this mission is because in one of my earlier blog posts, I've already covered a little bit of my Epic Win, although along with this post, expect to see another one covering the date, time, etc.

I have decided that I will busk with my brother, and we will play a variety of genres, mainly classical and European fiddle tunes. All of our proceeds will go to the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary ( The RVWS saves local wildlife and aims to make a difference in our world. Again, I am unsure of the date and time, although another blogpost will cover that.

See you next time,
The Brainy Bovine

Quest 3.5 I've got what it takes

Hey guys! Today, I will be writing about how I've got what it takes to change the world, however small my impact may be.

I've got what it takes. I've got kindness, humour, social intelligence, citizenship, leadership, and many ideas. To work on my kryptonite, I've been thinking over my decisions and asking for help looking over what I'm doing. I've shown kindness, social intelligence, citizenship, and leadership to be the best student president that I can be and I've shown humour by making my family members laugh in awkward situations. I've worked to develop my strengths and diminish my weakness and thankfully, I'm still going strong.

I hope you guys liked this blogpost and let me know, how have you worked on your superpowers or well as your kryptonite?

See you next time,
The Brainy Bovine

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Quest 3.4 Showcasing another superhero learner

For quest 3.4, my goal was to showcase another superhero learner. For this, I chose Robby Novak. Robby Novak, a.k.a Kid President, is a positive twelve year old from Tennessee, U.S.A. Robby was diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta. Osteogenesis imperfecta is a disease that affects his bones and makes them brittle and easy to break. He makes YouTube videos with his brother-in-law, Brad Montague. They make comedy videos with the intention of changing the world. They have started different campaigns to help change the world, one of the most popular being Socktober. Brad and Robby have written a book called "Kid President's Guide to Being Awesome". It showcases MORE people who have changed the world.

Kid President uploads his many videos on a YouTube channel called Soul Pancake. Kid President spreads SO much joy to everybody, especially me. He works to help people in his community, teachers, the homeless, other kids, and so many other people. For me, Kid President has ticked off all of my personal definitions of success. This includes helping others, being positive, and having fun.

Kid President inspires me to change the world and I think that we need more people in the world like him. Kid President is awesome and the reason that I find his story so awe-inspiring is because even though he has a disease that affects the strength of his bones, he doesn't let it slow him down (at all). I think that everybody should realize that you should not let something (no matter how major) stop you from pursuing your passions.

Here is a video from Kid President that I think you should watch.

Here is an interesting article about Kid President.

I hope you liked this post, why don't you let me know who your favourite person who has changed the world is?

See you next time,
The Brainy Bovine

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Quest 3.3 Things that matter to me

Hey guys!

For my next quest, my job was to take pictures of what I'm passionate about. I took pictures of everything that I like and I hope that you like them.

First off, I took an image of a speaker. I took this image because, as I stated in my last post, music is very important to me. I both play and listen to music all of the time. I also am naturally loud, so I think that speakers represent the way I think. Out loud.

My next image is that of my cat, Ada Vermont. I took this photo because pets and animals are a major part of my life, Ada is quite the bundle of joy :P

My last photo is that of my company mascot. It is an octopus with a light on his head named LEDi. The company that I cofounded is called Maker Junior and we work to get kids into technology with arts and crafts. I chose this image because I started this company along with my family and my family also means a lot to me. (I did not design LEDi. I am not a talented graphic designer.)

I hope that you guys have enjoyed this post and I would like to hear, which one of these is your favourites?

See you next time,
The Brainy Bovine

Sunday, 15 May 2016

My Epic Win Quest 2.6

My next quest is to discover my Epic Win. Your Epic Win is your passion, your curiosity, your interest and an issue that you want to solve. The first step to discovering your Epic Win (in my opinion) is thinking about all of your passions. Below I have listed 3 of my passions.
  • Music (playing/listening)
  • Learning
  • Animals and pets (the care of animals as well as the plain old interest in animals)
Those are my passions and some can be used as a superpower (learning) and the others can be used to change the world. In my opinion, one of the things that make someone who they are is their unique combination of passions and how they view the world because of those passions. I think that the next step will be to choose one of my passions to concentrate on while the other 2 will be more of an advantage. I chose animals and pets because they bring out all sorts of emotions, not just joy. I think that is important because in life, there is not one central emotion. There are many, many emotions. So far I have Animals and Pets being my passion, but how can I incorporate music and learning?

My allies and I thought about it for a while and this is what I came up with. What if I could learn about busking on my violin and I could raise money for an animal charity? The issue that I want to solve will be animal welfare. That would meet all of my requirements for my Epic Win! That covers my passion/my interest and an issue that I want to solve. Awesome! It would not be too difficult and it is accomplishable! Now that I've found my Epic Win, all I have to do is plan it out...

See you next time,
The Brainy Bovine

Saturday, 14 May 2016

My Allies Quest 2.5

Dear Ally,

I am sending you this letter because I am part of the Passionate Learner Experiment which is an extension of EPSOT (The Experimental Prototype School of Tomorrow). You have been chosen to be my ally because you have and continue to impact my life in a very positive fashion and I am confident that you will continue to. You may be wondering what I am doing sending you this, although I will explain.

My goal is to make an impact on the world, but that’s not it. I am doing this in 24 hours. Why 24 hours? Well, because it is a goal, a more specific goal then just trying to change the world in general (that can easily be procrastinated). I think of you as an ally in my extravagant quest and I ask you to join me. I have known you for a while now, and I need your help. It isn’t possible to change the world by myself and this is where you come in. The first question when it comes to saving the world is who are you and what do you do. Here is my answer:

I am Hari. I provide people with help, whether it’s caring for a pet or if it’s with sales and marketing. I do it for whoever needs my help and they may not necessarily want my help but you don’t know what you want until it knocks on your door. I will make their life easier in the short term or the long term.

That is my elevator pitch. It describes me simply. As who I am and who I aim to be. As an ally, I will need your help to pick me up when I am down, to point out my mistakes and to help me fix them, to help me when I do not understand and finally, to be there when I need you. You can also help me develop my blog by giving me ideas, reading my blog and most importantly, give me feedback on what I can do better and what I did well on in the comments section.

Thank you for being who you are,
A.k.a The Brainy Bovine